February is Dental Health Month

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In honor of national veterinary dental health month, here are some interesting facts about dog’s and cat’s teeth:

Adult dogs have 42 permanent teeth Adult cats have 30 teeth

  • 12 incisors – 12 incisors
  • 4 canine teeth – 4 canine teeth
  • 16 premolars – 10 premolars
  • 10 molars – 4 molars

In comparison, most adult humans have 32 teeth (8 incisors, 4 canines, 8 premolars, and 12 molars).

Bad breath is the most common reported symptom of dental disease.

Most pets will continue to eat even with severe periodontal disease and painful, infected teeth. Just because a pet has continued to eat, this does not mean their mouths are not painful. They may become more quiet or irritable or be reluctant to eat hard food.

Some clients are surprised that their pet’s breath will start to smell bad again shortly if they don’t brush their teeth. After a dental cleaning, plaque and tartar will start to form again within just a few hours. At home care is a critical part of maintaining your pet’s dental health.

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