Mexico Activities and Prices – Part 4

Scuba diving in Mexico.
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I daresay, Mexico has a much bigger selection of activities than most other, single locations.  The size of Mexico is probably a big reason for this, as is the climate differences within the country.

Water Sports are abundant, of course.  Maroma Beach, on the East Coast, has over 30 activities available for visitors.  Everything from motorized watercraft, Scuba, Snorkel, CAMEL RIDES, horseback rides and Catamaran, to simply lying on the beach voted Top Ten in the WORLD.  Zip Lines are abundant as are Mayan Ruins.  There are over 15 Entertainment Sites where multiple experiences are available in one site.  We have a Tour Operator, Lomas Tours, who have packaged all of these possibilities into affordable packages that can be ordered before you go, along with smooth transportation, leaving you a worry free vacation.

Shopping, of course, is a popular pastime, and you should have some good advice in your pocket before you go.  Mexico has some very elaborate activity sites for visitors.  One of the most popular is Xcaret, previously mentioned.  There are about 15 such “Parks” throughout the Yucatan Region. Tours can be arranged to visit any or all of these parks, as well as archaeological ruins and even an active Mayan Indian Village tour.

PRICES; Again, can be as varied as the seasons.  If you have an open book as to dates, here are some ideas of pricing.  Based on 2 in a suite, round trip air, 6 nights all inclusive 4 star resort, transportation, meals, alcohol and non alcohol, entertainment, non motorized water activities and more amenities per each resort.  Today’s price based on Prime Season Travel on July 14 for 2 people including all of the above, about $825 each in a deluxe 4 star resort.  Upgrade to a super luxury 5 star spa resort for about $1200 each will get you premium beverages, concierge services, one day car use and multiple resort privileges. Prices will vary by date and resort choice.  Family resorts often include children under 12 at no additional cost, or very reduced costs.  It never costs to use a Travel Consultant, just ask and KNOW BEFORE YOU GO.

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