Making your HVAC system perform as intended

You can appreciate that your HVAC system is probably the most expensive appliance in your home. You also know that it provides you the comfort that you so desperately crave for in the summer. The humidity and heat combine to make it uncomfortable outside. These conditions cause mold and a breeding ground for viruses and germs inside your home. Fortunately, you have an air conditioning system that functions optimally. Or do you? If your system is a few years old, it may not be functioning as the manufacturer intended. Your system may be performing at the standard of a much lower seer unit.

Now, we know that you have been told to bring your air conditioner into service gently. It is not essential that you should not turn the unit on without the assistance of an HVAC technician. It is however true that it is a good idea to have the unit serviced twice a year. Just like your car needs regular oil changes to make it run optimally, so your HVAC unit must be cleaned regularly. You paid the equipment installer a certain amount of money for a system that will perform at a certain standard. If the system is not regularly maintained the performance is compromised. The system is not performing at manufacturers specifications anymore. You might as well have installed a much cheaper system. It is most certainly not energy efficient when not serviced. Dirt and dust stick to the working parts and compromise the performance of the unit. It is highly advised to have a qualified technician service the system regularly to keep it performing at manufacturers specifications.

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