Make Some End-of-the-Year Financial Moves

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We’ve still got a couple of months until 2019 wraps up, but it’s not too early to make some end-of-the-year financial moves. Here are a few suggestions:

First, ask your employer if you can increase your 401(k) contributions for the remainder of the year. If you receive a bonus before the year ends, you might be able to use that for your 401(k), too.

Next, add to your IRA. You’ve got until the tax deadline of April 15 to fully fund your IRA, but why wait? The more you put in now, the less you’ll have to come up with next spring.

Another suggestion: Review your portfolio to make sure it still meets your needs for diversification and risk tolerance.

And one last word: Start thinking now about what you want to do in 2020, from a financial standpoint. Can you afford to ratchet up your investments in your retirement plans? If you have children or grandchildren, have you started saving for college?

Time goes quickly – so don’t get left behind without the taking steps to keep moving toward your financial goals.

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This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor.

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