Wills and estates

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She got the gold mine! She got the gold mine!
I got the shaft. I got the shaft.
They split it right down the middle,
And then they give her the better half.
-“She got the Goldmine” by Jerry Reed

Jerry “Snowman” Reed was talking about divorce when referencing how his property was getting split up. Now if you never get divorced, this property division will not affect you. But there is another time when your property “will” get split up and it will happen to all of us, and that is after we die, and that is why you need a “will”.

Wills and estates are one of the biggest questions people have after getting through the more imminent choices required of planning a funeral. Wills are one of those things that some people get done but many feel they need to get to. The good news is that everyone already has a will. The bad news is that if you did not personally do your own will, it has been done by the state.

As such, here are some things about your will that you may not know:
You authorize a judge to appoint anyone to administer and distribute your property.
You authorize the sale of any and all of your assets to pay for estate expenses.

You authorize the court to appoint a guardian over your minor children’s upbringing and inheritance.
You authorize your property to be given to the state in the event no blood relatives can be located.
If this is okay with you, then you need not do anything further.

If, however, you would like to have a bit more to say about how your affairs get handled, give me a call at 704-545-3553. For no cost or obligation, it would be my privilege to help you get started on having your own will done of your own free will.

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