Why Do I Have a Chapel

Chapel Candles
Chapel Candles
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Light a candle in the chapel
At the closing of each day
Keep it burning while you’re yearning
For the one who went away
“Light a Candle in the Chapel” – Frank Sinatra

Recently as I was giving a tour of my funeral home and explaining how funeral homes as we know them today began as the evolution of the home funeral, I was asked why I had a chapel in my facility. Since most private homes do not have a chapel, where did the chapel come from?
As I pondered this question, I began to identify the many of the changes that have taken place over the years. Home funerals have become funeral homes. Church funerals have become chapel services. Three day wakes have become same day gatherings.

Funeral services have become Celebrations of Life. Traditional organ hymns have become prerecorded contemporary songs. Photos have become videos. Printed newspaper obituaries have become online memorials shared through social media.

Then add the fact that cremation has also come into the picture and what used to be a singular choice has become multiple options. The list goes on, but you get the idea.
Looking at these changes, it really made me realize the challenges families face today in choosing a funeral provider. When a death occurs, you want someone who can offer the answers to your question and all the options that meet your needs.

Your needs are specific and unique, and unlike most decisions in life, you have to make it at a very difficult time knowing there is no “do over” if the right choice is not made.
So why do I have a “chapel”? For the same reason I do cremations, use a state of the art sound system with video displays, create fully customized videos and programs, have a website fully integrated with social media, etc. I have all of these because I am privileged to serve YOU.

Like you, I realize there are many different ways to live, laugh and love. And sometimes, you only get one chance to do it right.

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