Today I Met a Hero


He does not wear a cape, but he wears a pretty cool uniform. He does not have superpowers, but there are some who probably believe he does. He doesn’t come from another planet, but he is not native to Charlotte.
What else does he have? A name. A name he shares with a family who recently experienced tragedy.
On Sunday, January 15, Corey Brown, 25, of Charlotte, was struck and killed in a hit and run accident on Lawyers Road.

On Thursday, January 19, Corey Brown, 25, of the Charlotte Panthers, personally came into my funeral home with his wife and son, spoke with the members of the Brown family, and in the midst of their tragedy, helped them take care of the financial arrangements for their son and brother.

Why did he do this? Was it because social media alerted him to the tragedy since he shared a name and an age with the unfortunate young man killed by the hit and run driver? Well, to be sure, that brought it to his attention. But why did he bring his wife and child to personally meet these people and offer help in their time of tragedy? Because at his core, he is a genuine and caring man who saw an opportunity to help others. Because he knows that to be a hero, it doesn’t take a cape, superpowers or being from some other planet. Because he knows that to be a hero, it simply takes the courage and care to act in love and compassion when the opportunity presents itself.

At first, I wanted to share this story because it stands in contrast to much of the negative publicity professional athletes have today. But as I thought about it, it really stands in contrast today to what we believe heroes are. They are not super powered aliens in fancy costumes like the movies would show. Heroes are people like you and I, who when given a chance, can act as Corey Brown did and show care, compassion and love to someone who needs it. As such, I want to thank Corey for being a true hero and for encouraging me to be a hero when I can, making it a little easier to live, laugh and love.