So why are the cars blue?

When I have the privilege of caring for a family, one of the questions I usually ask during the process is why they chose Lowe-Neddo Funeral Home. Sometimes it is because of prior service, sometimes it is because they read this column, other times it is because word of mouth referrals. But on occasion, I am told “We like the Carolina Blue cars.”

So why are the cars blue?

Mr. Jim Lowe, cofounder of the funeral home that is now Lowe-Neddo, owns and operates his own family owned funeral home in Burlington, NC. His father was the one who started the tradition of the blue car. In fact, Mr. Lowe can still tell you the exact paint code for the blue that is still being used today. But the purpose behind the color was simple, it stood out from the rest of the funeral homes that used the traditional black or silver, and people liked it.

When my wife and I bought the funeral home, we kept the blue cars. Like Mr. Lowe, we found that the blue stands out from the more common black or silver. It exemplifies how our service does the same, and the blue color is one of the unique elements that people remember of the unique, personal family service that has become the trademark of Lowe-Neddo Funeral Home.

How much has it stood out? Well it appears to be about as well known as our logo. It also must have some staying power because my co-owner, who happens to be my wife, comes from a Duke family. In this part of the world, Duke blue and Carolina blue do not mix and as much as it pains her to see the Carolina blue on our cars, even she admits it has an earned history of compassionate and professional care.

I tell her I completely understand, and then remind her that the Tar Heels are still in the tournament whilst her Blue Devils are watching it on tv. “Compassionate” is not how I would term her response.

Until next week, take time to live, laugh and love. And given the number of brackets busted this NCAA tournament season, take a little extra time to laugh and remember there is always next year!