A New Buffet

Casket shopping
Casket shopping
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Next comes the stocking of little Will
Oh, just see what a glorious fill
Here is a hammer and lots of tacks
Also a ball and a whip that cracks
“Up on the Housetop” – Traditional Christmas Carol

The hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping is here! To be honest, however, it is just now occurring to me that “little Will” is getting a hammer, tacks, and a whip? I guess the old days were a bit different. Well, today you can go online and shop for everything including electronics, toys, clothing, housewares, and… caskets?

Enacted over 30 years ago, the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Funeral Rule drastically changed the funeral profession. Included in this was the fact that a family can buy their own casket for a funeral from where they wish. So what are the facts about providing your own casket?

First, consider the process carefully. Online casket sales lose much of the “savings” with quick shipping, which is usually necessary because someone has died! Second, if you are purchasing it before you need it, consider where you will store it. The priceless look on your guests’ faces will be unforgettable when they see that the new “buffet” in your dining room doubles as your final resting place! Finally, get the facts before believing the marketing hype. My experience has shown that the benefits touted by someone unaccountable and sitting behind a computer thousands of miles away just don’t materialize in real life.

So this holiday season, as you check off that list of gifts and deals, do yourself a favor and skip the casket “deals”. Unless of course you really want a unique piece of furniture in your dining room, then by all means, give me a call. I recommend a flat top casket over the more traditional round top. You will be much happier trying to keep things on top of your new “buffet”.

Until next week, take time to live, laugh and love!

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