List of Things to Tell Your Realtor at the Beginning of the Home Shopping Process

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As things slowly but surely return to ‘normal’ in Mint Hill and surrounding areas, a home purchase might be on your ‘To Do’ list this summer.

When you’re ready to start shopping for a new home, there are some things your Realtor should know. Make sure, as you go through the process, you are very honest with your Realtor. If you don’t tell them the truth, even if it seems harmless, it could have an impact on the home shopping process.

Before you start searching for a home, make sure you tell your Realtor all of the following:

#1 – The Honest Truth About Your Finances

If you want to make it easier on you and your Realtor, get a pre-approval for a mortgage. This will make it very easy, to be honest about your finances, as the mortgage company will take the time to look into your credit and income before they pre-approve you.

#2 – Your Needs/Wants

Before speaking with a Realtor, you and your spouse (or anybody else buying the home with you) should be on the same page as far as your needs and wants. Make sure you discuss what you really must-have in a new home and the things you would like to have. Put together a list of both and clue your Realtor in so they know what to look for

#3 – Your Actual Budget

Even with a pre-approval from a mortgage company, you still need to tell your Realtor about your budget. The mortgage company may pre-approve you for a loan much higher than you prefer. Maybe you want a lower monthly payment and a shorter term. This is great; just make sure your Realtor is aware.

#4 – Your Timeline

Have you already sold your current home? Is your lease going to be up in a few months?

You probably have a specific timeline for finding a home, closing and moving in. Make sure your Realtor is aware of this timeline so they can find you the right home and advise you properly.

#5 – Anything Else Helpful

You cannot really overshare with your Realtor, as long as it’s related to finding a new home. Anything you think will be helpful to this process, tell your Realtor. Just make sure it’s the truth or you could send them on a wild goose chase instead of a house-hunting mission.

Before you start searching for a home, make sure you speak with a local Realtor. You want to tell them about your financial situation, what you need and want in a new home, the budget you’d like to stick to, and your timeline. Give them any information that could be helpful to the search and let them go to work for you.

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