Take Inventory

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CHARLOTTE – Summer is a great time to evaluate what is going on with your body. As people get back to their normal, playing more outdoor sports and working out, moving more in general, we are noticing the issues that recently may have flown under the radar.

How can you take inventory of your body and decide what needs to be addressed first? First, physically look at your body. Stand in front of the mirror. Starting from the top of your head, look: notice your ears, are they straight? Can you see your head leaning to one side? How are your shoulders? Do they feel as if they’re sitting right below your ears? Like you’re in a constant shrug. How do your ribs feel? How does your chest feel? Do you have times when it hurts to breathe? Barring anything lung/heart related, there are muscles that could inhibit breathing.

How does your low back feel? Is it easy to turn, do you feel stiff? Are you able to bend backward without discomfort? How about forward, side to side?

With all the beautiful parts of our body,  it’s certainly easy to get something out of whack. Even stress can do things to you that you don’t realize until you go back to your regular activities. Take inventory of how you feel. What bothers you? What hurts when you do certain activities? This is all great information to tell your massage therapist when you’re ready to get your body back into working order.

-Lisa Lane (LMBT#13098) owns Massage Sanctuary in Mint Hill and has been a licensed massage therapist for over 8 years. To contact her by text or voicemail:  (704) 773-6863.

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