Swedish Massage

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CHARLOTTE – Most of the time when massage is brought up people think of a relaxing time. They might think of massage as a place to be treated like royalty, a place where only the lucky people go. But it’s so much more! I read an article the other day that said massage therapists should stop apologizing for doing primarily Swedish massages. The Swedish massage is the most commonly thought of massage modality. Its primary job is to relax you and relieve muscle tension by having the therapist manually manipulate your skin and muscles.

Why would a Swedish massage appeal to me? Beyond relaxation, I’ve had more clients get referrals from doctors as a way to possibly avoid or enhance medication for such issues as anxiety, pain management, and lack of sleep. This type of massage can also assist in improving your overall mental health and well-being, giving your clarity or mental sharpness.

Physically, massage is known to enhance circulation, loosen tight muscles and tight joints,  and help relieve cramps and muscle spasms. Who hasn’t woken up in the middle of the night to see their toe try to attack the toe beside it? Swedish massage can also help calm the nervous system and speed up healing from an illness or injury. Range of motion is another benefit.

How do you know if Swedish massage is what you need? Talk with your therapist, explaining what issues you have and what outcome you would like. They can help you decide what’s best.

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