Surgery After Massage

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CHARLOTTE – Last week we talked about surgery before massage and the plus side of seeking therapy. This week we talk about surgery after massage. The great thing about massage is, even as simple or fluffy or seemingly relaxing it is, it can do important things to our body that aid in our post-surgical recovery.

Massage can help with pain, swelling, and scar tissue. Massage has long been a part of pain management and these days doctors are less willing to put you on pain medications, even after a surgical procedure. One way to combat or help with discomfort is (first clear it with your doctor) to discuss ways massage can manage your pain. Massage can increase endorphins and reduce anxiety.  You can ask your therapist about cupping, which can be beneficial in activating proteins that help with healing. Pain affects so much of our body and mind; it affects our mental health, it affects our sleep, can wear us down, and affect our immune system. Massage can be an integral way of fighting off the side effects of pain and encouraging healing properties.

Massage also encourages healthy blood and lymph to return to the repair site/incision and help with healing. There are therapists that are trained to work on your scar as it heals in order for the scar tissue to be reduced and hopefully encourage the scar to be diminished. Scar tissue can cause multiple issues later in life, so the sooner you’re able to start this treatment, the better.

-Lisa Lane is a Licensed Massage Therapist in Mint Hill and has owned her own business for 8 years. Reach out to her by text or voicemail at (704) 773-6863.

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