Spring Has Sprung

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CHARLOTTE – Hallelujah, spring has started showing its face around here. I think this will absolutely affect our outlook in the next few months. Just like the weather can have a bearing on your body (some people have joints that respond to barometric pressures).  Let’s look at how massage can benefit you during the spring months.

Facial massage can help with the circulation in your face as well as sinus pressure and drainage. A lot of people get congested when they lay their face in the face cradle while having a massage. Supposedly you can adjust the way your face is placed on the cradle and it relieves the pressure, although I’ve never personally been able to do this. Anyway, what can be done in a facial massage?

Using light pressure, especially around the jaw area, up towards the ears and down the neck towards the collarbone is a great way to move lymph. Lymph is the fluid our bodies produce that is clear (sometimes white). It contains white blood cells, and importantly lymphocytes that attack bacteria in the blood. Your lymphatic system is in charge of gathering waste and removing it from the body. As your therapist massages your face and neck, the lymph is moved and can relieve sinus pressure, ear pressure, and pressure all through your neck and head.

Talk to your therapist about how he/she can work around your face, neck, jaw, and hairline to get things flowing. Spring brings plenty of reasons to get a massage.

Lisa Lane is a licensed massage therapist and owns her own massage therapy business called Massage Sanctuary. Contact her by phone/text at (704) 773-6863.

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