Self Care

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CHARLOTTE – This week has been an effort this week to make time for myself, my health, and my wellbeing. I started doing a workout each day and will hopefully get in a one to two-mile walk with my daughter daily. These small changes should propel me into getting my health (physical and mental) together and make me a better person.

Why is self-care important? I had a client who had a health issue on my table. He’s strong, healthy, and eats well. He looks at least 10 years younger than he is. The muscular issue where he seizes up is an issue he’s struggled with several times during our sessions. We chatted after this last appointment and came to the conclusion that being healthy and fit doesn’t make you immune to issues with your body (or your mind), but it does make it better for you to deal with the issues that will inevitably come up for every single one of us.

I’ve had another client who had a rotator cuff injury and had to get surgery. He worked out, ate well, and had an all-around balanced life. But this surgery certainly sidelined his golf game for almost a year. Had he not been in the best shape of his life (and he’s mid-fifties) then perhaps the surgical outcome would have been more difficult. Maybe the reason he did make a full recovery is that he went into surgery as healthy as he could be.

Just a little food for thought, that whatever you choose to do to make your brain and body healthier, do it. A lot of times it’s the first step, week, month that we need to see the benefits of doing better things for our body. Make small goals that will lead to big changes. Where can you start? Go have a massage and clear your head. Make massage a part of your health and wellness goals.

-Lisa Lane, (LMBT#13098) is a licensed massage therapist at Massage Sanctuary in Mint Hill. To make an appointment with her or Brian, go to and click book appointment.

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