Neck Issues

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CHARLOTTE, NC – This week I sought another professionals help with my shoulders and neck. I’ve become increasingly aware that I have a little hump on the back of my neck and I am not a fan at all. In seeking another professionals help I was informed that this ‘fatty area’ is there to protect my spine. My spine has now shifted a bit in order to compensate because my neck now holds my head out from my body. What are the reasons? Bad posture perhaps. Trying to massage and hold my posture steady is not an easy feat. If I think about it, then I’m constantly thinking about it. And it’s disappointing to know that I’ve altered my body because of bad habits.

The good news is, this can be treated and worked on so no additional damage is done. For the first time in a while I’m seeking chiropractic help with my posture and spine issues as well as making massage a priority. And here’s what I’m learning in this quest to make my body better:  we can do damage to our bodies which may not be reversible BUT can at least stop additional damage from happening. That’s certainly great news, right?

The beautiful thing about our body is that no matter how we seem to abuse it or try to ignore things about our body that we know need to be addressed, we can (depending on where we start changing our bad habits) reverse damage and live healthy, happy lives.

Lisa Lane (#13098) is a licensed and bodywork therapist in the Mint Hill area. To make an appointment please visit and click ‘book appt’.

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