Massage Gun Research

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CHARLOTTE – Have you seen the massage guns that are being touted all over gyms, television, and on sports stations? I was a bit skeptical at these, thinking they might be a passing fad or gimmick but I am starting to look at the studies to see what science is finding. I’m a fan of what can be proven, so studies are a great way to become educated on different modalities.

A study published in Science Translational Medicine addresses mechanical therapy (massage guns) and massage itself as it affects healing after severe injuries. What researchers did was test massage guns on the legs of mice. The gun appears to clear out the immune cells from the tissue of the muscle. It also removed inflammatory cytokines thus enabling the process of muscle fiber regeneration.

Why are these findings important? Studies like this could open doors to regenerating different types of things such as tendons, bones, hair, and even skin. Can you imagine? While this is a study that has been run on mice, eventually the study could be done on humans.

Does a massage gun take the place of a massage therapist? I think it would be great to use the gun as a home therapy between your massage sessions. There are always going to be great enhancements or additions to your health and wellness routine that make your recovery or daily life better. But proceed with caution. Discuss the use of a ‘gun’ with your massage therapist. They may provide great feedback.

Lisa Lane has been a licensed massage and bodywork therapist in Mint Hill for 9 years. Go to and click book appointment for more information.

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