Massage And Medication

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CHARLOTTE – When you initially come in for your massage, we sit down with you and go over an intake form you’ve filled out. The form includes your health history (past and present) and any medications you take. Sometimes people are hesitant or embarrassed but there is no judgment in our massage room.

Here’s the deal: It’s your business what pharmaceuticals you are on, but it becomes my business as I’m trying to decide if there are any medications that will not allow me to massage you. There might also be surgeries or conditions that might not allow me to massage you.  A complete history allows me to make the most informed decision, with your health and safety at the forefront of my decision.

You might ask what medications are not allowed for a massage to be performed. First of all, illegal drugs and alcohol are discouraged. The reason is, we don’t know how you’re going to react to a massage. Alcohol, in particular, will dilate your blood vessels and massage may very well accelerate the alcohol’s response to your body. Ex: you may be groggier after a massage, thus become more of a danger when you get on the road.

Medications might be fine with a doctor’s okay to have a massage, some will not be when they present with other symptoms. The discussion you have with your massage therapist is private. Speak openly about your medications so we can respond appropriately. We have your health and safety as our priority.

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