Massage and Immunity

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CHARLOTTE – This article was previously published. I’ve been blessed with an increase in business recently and I’m trying to figure out the cause. My belief is that the launch of the vaccine and the fact that a lot of people are getting vaccinated might be the cause. It could be because people are sick and tired of being so restricted. Perhaps it’s because people are trying to take charge of their health and have put massage appointments as a priority in their lives. Who knows?

Of course, my fellow massage therapist Brian and I welcome the new faces, the new bodies with which we get to work. We are also reminded constantly that safety must be our number one priority. Remember that we clean with a CDC-approved cleaner and clean all the places that you might touch in between massages. We clean before you arrive, and after you leave. We mop, we vacuum, we sanitize in hopes that you can let your guard down when you’re with us and get the most out of your massage time. Your message actually plays a part in keeping you healthy.

Getting massages regularly can play a part in boosting your immunity. One study showed participants had an increase in serotonin and in the cells that comprise our immune systems’ initial defense. Massage has been shown to increase your white blood cell production thus helping reduce cortisol, the stress hormone, in your body.

Massage allows for faster recovery due to increased circulation of the lymph and blood vascular systems.

-Lisa Lane has been a licensed massage therapist in Mint Hill for 8 years at Massage Sanctuary.  Contact Lisa or Brian at (704) 773-6863 (leave voicemail or text).

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