Massage And COVID

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CHARLOTTE – How does COVID affect my ability to get a massage? Well certainly if you’ve been exposed to someone with COVID, we’d like for you to stay home. According to the latest from the CDC, being exposed means you’ve been around someone who has tested positive for the virus. Even if you don’t exhibit symptoms, the recommendation from the CDC is to quarantine or stay home for 14 days. This keeps you from spreading if you happen to catch the virus, remember you don’t have to have symptoms to spread. Of course if you develop symptoms, it is encouraged for you to get tested. If you’re positive, then it is recommended you stay home for 14 days or until your symptoms subside.

Where does this leave me with my massage? With my practice, we’d prefer you to be safe than sorry. If you don’t feel good, if you think you might be sick with a cold, flu or COVID, then don’t change it. Give your therapist a call and let them know. We can work with your reschedule.

I haven’t heard of any massage therapy hot spots, and my belief is we are doing all the we can in order to make sure any spread doesn’t come from our office, but there are no guarantees.

Feel free to ask your therapist what they are doing with regards to your safety. They will have guidelines that they can show you, issued by the state and our state massage board. Stay safe my friends.

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