Massage And Cancer

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CHARLOTTE – In the rumour world I occasionally hear about how massage and cancer don’t mix. This is such a misconception! One of the reasons I got into the massage industry is because of my sister and her cancer. She suffered from angiosarcoma, an extremely rare cancer that attacks the linings of the blood vessels. She was in an incredible amount of pain. Before diagnosis the only thing that helped with her pain management was massage. My brother and I would take turns massaging her in the hospital. This provided her relief.

When my sister was in the last week of her life (less than two weeks after diagnosis), I was still taking her to her massage appointments. She had two in the last week! Even when she passed into the other side of life, we were still holding her hands and massaging her shoulders. My point is, massage helped! Touch helps!

Sometimes people battling cancer feel like no one will touch them. Sometimes they are frustrated because their treatment causes even more issues, such as neuropathy and joint aches and pain. But these things can be eased with proper massage. Check out massage therapists who have oncology massage experience. We who have studied oncology massage will research what treatments you’re taking, what medications you’re on, and decide with you what massage will benefit you. Cancer doesn’t have to define you and it’s important to have support while you’re dealing with it.

Talk to your massage therapist and see what he/she offer.

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