Let’s Talk Ankles

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CHARLOTTE – We can probably all agree that keeping our bodies mobile is one of the keys to staying healthy and living a great life. Let’s take a look at those ankles. I mean really, bend over, stick them out in front of you and really look at them.

First of all, most of us think of our ankles as a single joint, connecting our feet to our shin. Actually, the ankle is two joints, the first joint consists of your tibial bone (inside of the ankle), your fibula (another bone in your lower leg that makes up the outside of the ankle) and the talus [a small bone located between the tibia and fibula and the heel bone (or the calcaneus)]. This first joint allows your ankle to move your foot up, down and slightly to the side.

Then there is the second joint which consists of the talus and the calcaneus. Through these joints flows an intricate array of nerves, ligaments, tendons and cartilage (regularly lubricated by synovial fluid). This second ankle joint allows your foot to move a little more to the side and also to pronate (turn outwards) and supinate (turn inwards) your foot.

If you look at your ankle it’s really quite amazing that those little joints carry the weight of your world and it’s imperative to pay attention to how they feel. Feeling pain in this joint can be a problem, with some people experiencing acute pain (like a ligament tear) or chronic pain (arthritis).

-Lisa Lane #13098 is a licensed massage and bodywork therapist that owns Massage Sanctuary in the Mint Hill area. To book, visit www.ncmassagesanctuary.massagetherapy.com

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