It’s Cold

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CHARLOTTE – Massage during the cool weather offers a great way to manage your health. I admit I love the beauty of the leaves changing and, today in particular, the wind carrying the leaves to their resting place. But in the back of my mind I know this means the trees will soon be bare and the temperatures cold. Although I know you can’t experience the transformation of spring unless you go through the winter, the gray skies and lack of life during the winter makes happiness a little more challenging.

How can we get through this next season using massage? Remember to schedule time for yourself. Make sure to take a personal inventory of what your body, mind, and soul needs. Massage is certainly a great way to deal with a changing mood. It’s a great way to honor yourself. It can pick you up with energy or calm you down on those days where you are having a hard time with your routine.

Personally, I hope to amp up my massages as a way of getting in front of my seasonal depression. The seasonal affective disorder is where you get temporarily saddened with the weather changes, usually from fall and winter. Getting ahead of it means I will go ahead and schedule massages that focus on relaxation. Massage can calm, reduce tension and give you something to look forward to. I will also journal and write down my thoughts once I start integrating massage into my schedule. Go ahead, make your appointment!

-Lisa Lane, LMBT#13098 is a licensed massage therapist in Mint Hill. To make an appointment visit her website at

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