Is it Really All Connected?

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CHARLOTTE – Yes, it’s really all connected. Believe it or not, you are beautifully connected from the top of your head to the tips of your toes…and right back up again. There are so many roads of interconnected systems, such as your skin, your nerves, your blood, your circulatory system, your fascia, your musculature, and your bones. We are truly walking miracles!

And with that connection, we can have body parts that hurt, yet the pain doesn’t originate where we feel the issue. Take plantar fasciitis. This pain we feel in the arches of our feet and can really disrupt your day. Can we all agree when your feet hurt, everything seems to hurt? But in order to address the irritation on the arch of your foot, we need to look at your calves. I can guarantee that if I touch the point in the middle of your calf that falls between the soleus and the gastrocnemius, you’ll jump off the table. Sometimes we refer to the most tender point as the trigger point.

After finding this trigger point, the muscles of your calf can be stripped or massaged in a way that’s going to relieve the pain…even if I don’t touch your foot! Pretty cool, right? There are even massage modalities where you can work the head (craniosacral therapy) and affect the feet. In Chinese medicine, you can work the liver meridian and affect the feet. Everything is connected and there are different ways of solving your issues.

-Lisa Lane has been a licensed massage and bodywork therapist (#13098) in Mint Hill 9 years. To make an appointment, visit her website at

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