How To Get That Spring in Your Step

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CHARLOTTE – Spring is here and boy is it beautiful! What does spring mean to you? To me, it’s certainly a time of rebirth and renewal. You can’t have spring if you don’t have winter, and I think we have yearned mentally and physically for a better spring this year. What can you do to kick off your spring season?

Take inventory. What needs to be donated, thrown out, or used in your life. We apply this to “things”, as in spring cleaning, but we can also apply it to our health. Take a look at your body. What promises can you make for a better you? What bad habits can you tackle and get rid of? Perhaps it’s the decision to make your health a priority. This year, schedule a physical. Really look at your numbers: cholesterol, A1C, and your blood pressure in particular. How can massage help you manage your health?

We’ve talked previously about how it can help with your diabetes. Blood pressure as well. Stress control is necessary for a healthy body and mind. It gives you a good foundation for controlling other health needs and issues. Stress will create havoc, you have to control it.

Massage helps in relaxing muscles and soft tissues and lowers your heart rate. It increases the temperature in your body, releases those wonderful endorphins, and promotes relaxation.

Massage is not a replacement for your medications, so talk with your doctor and your massage therapist about a plan to stay well.

-Lisa Lane, LMBT#13098, is the owner and lead therapist at Massage Sanctuary in Mint Hill. To schedule, an appointment contact her by voicemail or text at (704) 773-6863.

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