How Do I Choose My Time?

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CHARLOTTE – What length of time is good for a massage? All of them! In our industry, and at Massage Sanctuary, we use the following guide:

30 minutes: not all therapists offer this small block of time, but it’s good for several reasons. First, it works well with spot work. For example, your hands, your neck and shoulders, your feet. Keep in mind that working on one spot might actually uncover the need for work in other adjacent places. Also, 30 minutes is good for a little pick me up and fits perfectly into a tight schedule. Think of it as a mini mind/body vacation… for 30 minutes.

60-minute massages are what our massage training is based upon in school. This is what the Swedish massage fits with and is one of the most popular choices. You can use it for an all-over massage, or perhaps for upper body or lower body only.

90 minutes: I think this is optimal. This amount of time allows the therapist to do a full massage, without feeling rushed and with adequate time to address issues.  This is my personal favorite.

120 minutes: Another massage that not all therapists offer. Most of my 2-hour massages are relaxation, and again, I feel like I can address everything I need to, as well as give a completely unrushed massage.

Of course, every place is different. If you’re unsure, talk it over with your therapist. Whether you have time or budget issues, your therapist can work with you guiding you to a solution.

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