Hot Or Cold?

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CHARLOTTE – It’s interesting to me what happens during a massage regarding body temperature. When you come into our studio the air conditioning is on and is comfortable; a welcome respite from the summer heat that has shown up earlier than usual. Generally a set of sheets is on the table with a blanket.

In most cases, you dress down to your level of comfort. For the most part you’ll get on our table and under the covers with/without your underwear on. That in itself alters your temperature comfort level. There’s a study on PubMed that talks about this. The friction of massage can actually heat up the skin, thus heating you up as well. The increase is slight but can be noticeable. With that said, your temperature generally goes down while you sleep. When I go to bed, my body is usually warm and I may have a sheet or light blanket on. When I wake up in the morning, I’ll have a comforter, blanket and a sheet on to keep me comfortable.

On the same level you might not sleep on the massage table but you can certainly be relaxed enough that your body adjusts as if you are in sleep mode. That might be why you become cooler on the massage table. Always talk with your massage therapist about your comfort level. Our NC law indicated you must always be properly draped with at least a sheet, but we will certainly adjust to make sure you enjoy your session.

-Lisa Lane #13098 is a licensed massage therapist in Mint Hill and has been practicing for over 9 years. To make an appointment please visit the website:

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