Goodbye Summer, Here Comes Fall

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CHARLOTTE – With Labor Day celebrations, you’ve marked the end of summer and the beginning of your fall routine. What can you do with your wellness routine? First, take inventory. Just like in the spring, take notice of those things with your body that bothers you or that need to be worked on. What have you improved on this year? What did you let fall by the wayside? For me, I’ve improved my workouts, yet I’ve fallen down on getting a regular massage (gasp!).

It’s never too late to correct, right? Take a look. Look at your goals. Are you wanting to walk more? Is an ankle that hurts when you take a step stopping you? Do your feet hurt? Is your knee giving you problems?  What will make you get back to your favorite activity? Is your golf game suffering because your back is tight? Is your tennis game suffering because you’ve tweaked your elbow? What’s stopped you from being active during the summer and how can you correct it going into the fall?

For me, I’m making my massage appointment tonight. I’m putting it on my calendar and set the appointment. A client walked in today after prebooking for September. She said she’ll book ahead for October as well. Massage has become her priority as it seems to be helping with her recovery from a neck injury.

Her recovery routine (and her recovery so far has been miraculous) makes massage her priority. Inventory your health and decide where massage fits.

-Lisa Lane is a licensed (#13098) massage therapist in Mint Hill. To make an appointment go to and click book appointment.

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