Goodbye 2020

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MINT HILL, NC – Massage in Mint Hill has come a long way. I am so thankful for my clients and their loyalty.  I’m grateful to work in a community that thrives on small businesses and has a very large base of women entrepreneurs.

I’m grateful that our readers are opening their minds to massage and wellness in general.  If anything this year has taught us that one, nothing is promised.  I never thought in an instant I would be forced to shut my doors. Believe me, the thought of never seeing my sweet clients again was daunting. But knowledge is power and we are certainly seeing more studies about the pandemic and what is necessary to keep us safe, and what’s necessary to keep our clients safe.

I’m grateful for my fellow therapists, Brittany and Brian, and business owners in Mint Hill. Competition is good for everyone. It elevates my ‘massage game’ and gives clients more options.  After all, it’s you we truly care for.

I’m happy that I’m healthy and that our community is open to healthier options. We are no longer taking what is given to us,  we are now seeking solutions to our health issues. This means more preventative alternatives and looking at more options.

May we all come together during this season for the greater good. May we all be more compassionate, less selfish. May we all acknowledge our gratitude and reach out to those in difficult times. We are all in this world to be better humans. Peace!

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