When The Going Gets Tough We Should Go To The Garden

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CHARLOTTE – In a year of lockdowns, business closings, layoffs, and more people working from home it’s no wonder that the gardening and landscape supply industry experienced an average 25 percent sales increase in 2020 and in some cases was as high as 40 percent according to a Mulch and Soil Council survey.

Gardening and landscaping projects provided real therapy giving folks a sense of well-being and fulfilling the very human need to feel productive during a pretty dark period in our history.

For the gardening industry, the trend in sales should continue in 2021 and beyond due to the fact that many have grown accustomed to and enjoy their increased gardening and landscaping activities that are a direct result of the pandemic.

It brings to mind the spirit of Americans and their “Victory Gardens” during World War II -another dark period in our history where our parents, grandparents, and great grandparents found peace and comfort and even a sense they were doing something for the greater good by tending to their gardens. Planting and witnessing the literal “fruits of your labor” grow, in the simplest way, gives us the hope we need for a better tomorrow now more than ever.

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