Surviving The Summer Heat

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CHARLOTTE – During the peak of our long hot summers gardeners have to work extra hard to keep flowers and vegetables in good shape. Normally, during this time of year, soaking rains may be sporadic and the extreme heat makes the benefits of rain short-lived due to increased evaporation rates. Some are fortunate because they have automatic irrigation systems for their lawns and gardens. But for those that do not, here are a few things to keep in mind through the summer.

Water – Make sure you are watering regularly and evenly. Water enough to keep roots moist but not soggy. A regular soaking hose can be a great alternative to an expensive installed irrigation system. Be careful not to water the leaves of plants during the heat of the day. If you water by hand or with a sprinkler do it early in the morning.

Mulch – Mulch is as important as watering. Mulch keeps moisture in while also suppressing weed growth. This is especially important during the peak of our summer heat when it is so hot and working in the heat limits our gardening too early morning and early evening.

Vegetables – High temperatures in the 90s can impede pollination of the vegetable blooms. If you see blooms on tomato plants tap the blooms gently with a small stick or pencil a few times to get pollen moving. For vegetables such as squash and zucchini if you are experiencing flowering but no vegetables or inferior vegetables, use a cotton-tipped swab to move pollen from male flowers to female flowers. This is especially important due to the low honey bee population.

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