Spring Versus Fall Grass Seeding

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CHARLOTTE – Choosing the right time of year to seed/reseed has a direct effect on growing a lush, green lawn.

The best time to plant grass seed in our region depends on the type of grass you want to grow. Some prefer the cooler season grasses such as tall fescue. For the cooler season grasses, planting during cool weather in Fall and Spring is the time – Fall is the most ideal period. Spring seeding can also be successful but seeding in early Spring is important when daytime temperatures reach the 60 to 75-degree range with early Spring sunshine and rain contributing to strong grass growth.

For those choosing warm-season lawn grasses such as Bermuda, Zoysia, and Centipede grass, optimal planting in Spring and early Summer instead of the Fall. To avoid late Spring frost, wait to plant the warm season grasses when daytime temperatures are near 80 degrees or higher.

Virtually all of NC and northern SC is considered to be in the “Transition” Region for grass growth in the US. The Transition Region, which can present special challenges for all lawn grasses, is where cool, warm, humid and arid regions all meet. Tall fescue blends as the cool-season choice and Zoysia grass as the warm season alternative are the most popular and successful in our area.

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