Spring Is Just Around The Corner

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CHARLOTTE – As a major supplier of bulk landscape supplies I think I can speak for all material suppliers in our area when I say that planning, ordering and even purchasing well in advance can help to ensure you receive your materials when you want them. From November to February demand is at its lowest but the availability of natural materials such as mulch, stone, straw, and soil is understandably quite high. When warmer spring weather arrives the floodgates open and folks want their landscape material and they want it now including having it delivered.

It truly is amazing to witness how many folks begin to phone in to place their orders when they begin to feel the warm sunshine on their faces. But if you wait until Spring is in high gear there is a very good possibility you will run into some unpleasant obstacles. For instance, if you don’t plan ahead, instead of same-day delivery of your materials you may run into a 3 to 5-day wait or possibly longer. There are many products sold in bulk that become scarce during the Spring season due to high demand.

Right now is the time to decide what landscape improvements and additions you wish to make. Waiting until the peak of the season to implement your plans may result in frustration if your orders for material purchases aren’t already placed and your deliveries for material are not yet scheduled.

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