November Was Dry

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CHARLOTTE – We had an unusually dry November this year in the Charlotte region. November is sometimes a tough month to call if it’s going to be wet, dry or somewhere in the middle. Unfortunately for those that take their fall planting and grass seeding seriously Mother Nature has not been very charitable in offering up the rain we needed in November. For the the entire month our area recorded about 3.1 inches of rainfall.

Because of the relatively dry month of November 2021, it is necessary to remind folks that they need to turn to sprinklers, water hoses and irrigation systems, if you are fortunate enough to have them, to water those newly spread grass seeds that are probably sprouting about now and any plants, shrubs or trees that require a good regular watering when first planted to ensure healthy root systems take hold prior to the deep freeze of winter.

It’s been dry out there for an entire month. If you haven’t watered what you have recently planted it’s time to get out there now and water. Right now is a critical point in time to tend to your recent labors and to get the biggest bang for your buck when springtime comes around. And when I look at my weather forecast it appears there are more dry days ahead with much colder weather to follow.

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