Keep Your Landscape Colorful and Interesting During the Fall and Winter – Part 1

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1.  Focus on bark –  Deciduous trees lose their leaves in winter leaving their trunks and branches in focus. Some of these trees may be ornamental with visually distinctive bark and can add winter interest. Dogwoods and birch trees are good examples.

2.  Include berries – Many trees and shrubs hold their berries during the colder months. These can provide food for the birds during winter and can make a colorful addition during the drab winter such as a holly bush with red berries.

3.  Evergreens – Last but not least, evergreens, which are green but also can be yellow such as the Gold Thread false cypress, and blue such as the dwarf blue spruce and other colors in between.

These are just several of the many examples of how to keep your landscape textured, colorful and interesting during a very festive period of the year.

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