It’s the Thanksgiving season!

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CHARLOTTE – Now that we have entered into the month where we celebrate our thanks, Metrolina Mulch Premium Landscape Products would like to be the first to give thanks to our many loyal customers, our suppliers, our great advertisers The Mint Hill Times and Tri W News, and the best employees anywhere.

As a “Mom and Pop” small business, the past 15 years have been especially challenging through tough economic times, fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, and now as inflation seems to be taking hold. If it weren’t for the wonderful relationships we have built with our customers and suppliers, we never would have made it. We’ve always put customer service, product quality, competitive prices and keeping our suppliers paid in a timely manner at the very top of our priority list. These priorities are the reasons we are still here today and why we look forward to many more years of serving our great customers, landscapers and homeowners alike.

A special shout out to our suppliers who have provided us with the highest quality material available in the Charlotte Region. Their willingness to recognize our tough times and our willingness to understand theirs has made for a perfect marriage and we owe it to them to pay them in a timely manner.

Our #1 advertisers, The Mint Hill Times and the Tri W News provide us with sage advice and guidance that have helped us immensely get the biggest bang for our advertising buck in two of our most important service areas. Plus, they are just the nicest folks to deal with.

Last but not least are the folks that we couldn’t live without – our employees. They are loyal, hard working, dependable and professionals at what they do and we are truly blessed to have them. They are more than employees, they are our co-workers and they are our family. We love and cherish them.

Just wanted to kick off the month of Thanksgiving by giving the credit where the credit is due. Thanks to everyone from our little business that sincerely understands and appreciates why they succeed. And we succeed because of you.

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