Fall Planting For Trees and Shrubs – Part 2

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CHARLOTTE – Planting the right way prevents trees and shrubs from dying within a few months of being planted. It is rare for a tree or shrub to die from insect or disease problems within a year of planting. More often than not the problem stems from improper planting or watering.

Don’t plant too deep. Trees and shrubs planted too deep will probably die sooner than later or, at best, may last a few seasons but never really thrive. Never plant any deeper than the container the tree or shrub was growing in or make sure to dig no deeper than the depth of the root ball. The hole should be wide enough to place the plant with plenty of room left to fill soil back in around the root ball. A good rule of thumb is to dig the hole twice the diameter of the root ball with gently sloping sides. For trees and shrubs gently settle the soil back in around the root ball. Do not pack it in.

Thoroughly water newly planted trees and shrubs and mulch the root zone. Check your new plantings every few days by feeling the root ball and surrounding soil. When the root ball feels dry, water slowly to allow the water to soak in and adequately moisten the root ball and surrounding soil.

For additional tree and shrub-specific planting specifications contact your local nursery, a professional arborist or landscaper and also discover a wealth of information on the internet.

Metrolina Mulch Premium Landscape Products will be more than happy to assist you as we now enter the 2021 fall planting season. Give us a call at (704) 888-1822 or you can email us at pam@metrolinamulch.com

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