Fall 2021 Grass Seed Forecast

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CHARLOTTE- As we approach Fall grass seeding season it’s important to understand the 2021 seed harvest status, market conditions and the impact on price and availability. Not to mention the effects of a global pandemic that continues to this day.

Most grass seed in America is harvested once a year in July. Some growing seasons are better than others and it can affect prices. Lower crop yields equal higher prices and vice versa. Last year resulted in unprecedented demand from retail stores and the lawn care industry and can be directly attributed to the global pandemic and ensuing lockdowns.

Because of this extremely high demand, carry over inventories from last year were wiped out prematurely causing grass seed companies to run out of many types of seed prior to the July harvesting period. The COVID pandemic has been a major contributor to record market conditions of extremely high demand and limited availability that no one could predict. It will play a major role in much higher grass seed prices in 2021 as if grass seed wasn’t already expensive. Prices for the Fall of 2021 are expected to jump by 30% or more.

So, if you’re planning on seeding or reseeding your lawn this Fall, prepare yourselves for sticker shock when you go to purchase your favorite brand of grass seed. Then, hope that inventories and high prices will soon stabilize and maybe even a price reduction for the 2022 harvest next July.

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