Designer Dyed Mulch

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CHARLOTTE – Mulch has become pretty sophisticated over the years and with the development of designer dyed mulches you can now customize your home’s curb appeal. Most popular are the red, brown, and black dyed mulches and certified dyed mulches are completely non-toxic and safe for people and pets (even though you probably don’t want your kids or pets playing in it because of the dye).

A couple of things to consider when purchasing dyed mulch:

  1. Dyed mulch does not hold up well in direct sunlight due to the fading effect.
  2. If you buy in bulk, wait to purchase and spread it when you know you will have a few days without rain. If it does rain before you can spread it, cover it with a tarp. The dye in the mulch needs a few days to dry prior to rainfall to prevent washout of the color.
  3. If the mulch is unloaded on your driveway it’s always a good idea to place a tarp down to prevent staining.
  4. If driveway staining does occur the stain can easily be removed with a little bleach and a water hose.
  5. Black and Brown dyed mulches are manufactured using darker, aged wood. Red dyed mulch is manufactured using brighter, fresher wood to better absorb and display the red color which is why red has a tendency to fade quicker.
  6. Dyed mulches usually are a little more expensive than natural mulch due to the dyeing process.

If the conditions are right, dyed mulch can provide a beautiful and uniform appearance to your home.

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