6 Great Christmas Tree Recycling Ideas

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CHARLOTTE – If you are someone that still prefers the natural aroma and unmistakable beauty of a real, traditional Christmas tree, below are a few ways to complete the natural circle:

  1. Pine Needle Sachets

Preserve the scents of Christmas by making fragrant sachets using some of the needles from your tree. This craft is incredibly easy.

2. Tree Trunk Coasters

Create coasters by cutting sections of your Christmas tree trunk. These would make great gifts.

3. Christmas Tree Recycling for the Birds

Once you are finished with your Christmas tree, set it outside where birds can enjoy perching in its fragrant branches (be sure to remove all ornaments and tinsel first).  You can hang pine cones smeared with peanut butter for an extra special tree for the birds as well from its branches

4. Christmas Tree Recycling to Insulate Perennials

Cut or saw off branches from the tree and layer them flat over your perennial beds as winter mulch. The branches add an extra layer of protection from fluctuating winter temperatures. Use only local trees, as the greens from other areas can carry pests.

5. Live, Plantable Tree

Typically you can find live, plantable trees at nurseries, tree farms, and Christmas tree yards. Once Christmas is over you can return the tree to the Earth from whence it came.

6. Nourish Your Soil

Chop up the trunk and branches for compost or, at minimum, keep the needles to mix in with your soil. They add to the acidity.

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