2022 Is A Landscaping Wildcard

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CHARLOTTE – One of the silver linings to COVID-19 in 2020 and 2021 was the renewed appreciation for the outdoors particularly as it relates to our homes. The following are industry trends that need to be considered in 2022:

Landscaping proposals may have shortened timeframes to be valid. Even though COVID-19 has driven the demand for landscape services, supply chain issues have affected meeting customer-desired timelines especially when considering the availability of products like drainage pipes, hardscape pavers and the skyrocketing costs of fertilizer, grass seed and mulch.

Pay for labor is also expected to increase as companies struggle to retain employees. Couple this with continued increased demand and ongoing supply chain issues, 2022 will experience continuing challenges.

Plant material shortages in 2022 will continue based on the reality that nurseries have had to move into the following season’s product lines in order to satisfy current orders. Plants such as arborvitae and other large evergreens are some to expect to be in short supply in 2022. This year landscapers need to exercise caution when making promises to customers. Your best bet is to stick with native plants as much as possible for 2022 as they are expected to thrive in these uncertain times.

Consideration of product availability, labor shortages, soaring prices, and delayed project timelines are imperative in 2022. When does this go away? Nobody is really sure.

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