Will In-Person Tours Be Phased Out for Real Estate

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MINT HILL, NC – Before COVID, in-person tours were a rather normal thing for buyers looking for a home. While new technology had started to show up more, including video tours and virtual tours, most buyers still wanted an in-person tour.

Times have changed and COVID really helped move new technology into the real estate industry very fast. Many agents leaned on virtual tours and video tours to help get homes sold in 2020 and that hasn’t stopped. Let’s look at how things have changed when it comes to in-person real estate tours.

Contactless Technologies are Emerging Fast

While it might seem rather sad as we all need human contact, COVID has created quite a boom in contactless technologies. From retail stores using self-checkout lanes to video calls to virtual home tours, our society is deleting more and more human interactions from normal, daily life. Maybe this is the new normal.

While contactless technologies may be taking over society, there are many people pushing back. The few checkout lanes with actual humans at the register tend to have long lines and many are turned off by some of the interactions they have had with this form of technology.

In the real estate world, contactless technology is certainly being utilized, but it’s not taking over like some might have thought. While a virtual home tour allows you to see a home you might want to purchase from the comfort of your home, it’s not the best way to tour a home.

Are In-Person Home Tours Necessary for Buyers?

According to most buyers and most real estate agents, yes, in-person home tours are still very necessary. Shaking someone’s hand and walking through the home with an agent is still the best way to see a property you might want to submit an offer for.

When a buyer is actually present in the home, they can build a relationship with the real estate agent and the home. It’s the only real way to gain a full perspective of the home. While video tours are great, they cannot replace the ability to actually touch and feel the features of the home.

When the listing agent is present with the buyer and their agent, it’s much easier to get questions answered about the property. Sure, you can watch a video tour and send an email, but the email might get missed or even ignored. Being there in the home together is still the best way to make sure you have a true feel for any home you plan to bid on.

The Neighborhood is Important, Too

How are you supposed to get a feel for the neighborhood through a video tour of a home for sale in Mint Hill, NC? Unless online real estate listings also going to include a video tour of the neighborhood, it’s going to be nearly impossible to get any ideas of the location where you are buying your home.

Video tours are limited and can only do so much. When you are shopping the houses for sale in Mint Hill, NC, you want to check out things in person, including the neighborhood. It’s important to see where you will be living and get a feel for the neighbors and the location.

While contactless technologies might pop up at drive-thru restaurants with robots taking your order or at the self-checkout in a grocery store, they won’t be taking over the real estate industry. Most buyers want to tour the home in person, especially since buyers have time to actually make a decision right now.

During 2020 and 2021, there was a lot of fear out there about COVID and about how fast a property would be sold. Most of that fear is gone or has at least subsided, now. If you’re planning to buy a home in 2023 and beyond, you will likely want to tour the property in person, and you certainly should.

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