What You Should Do After Moving into a New Home

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MINT HILL, NC – Moving is a big deal and it’s not over until you’ve settled in. After finding one of the homes for sale in Mint Hill, NC, you’ll need to do several things after moving in. Let’s look at some of the things you should do after you move into your new home.

5 Things to do After Moving into Your Home

1. Set Up Your Utilities

Buying a home means you’ll be moving, which also means you need to turn on the lights, the water, and other utilities. Make sure you’ve taken care of setting up your utilities after buying one of the houses for sale in Mint Hill, NC.

2. Change Out the Locks

After handling the utilities, a call to a locksmith is the next task on the list. A good locksmith will be able to rekey or change out your locks to ensure nobody else has a key other than you and your family. While the door locks are the most important, you also want to check the window locks, the garage door opener, and any other entry point into your home.

3. File an Address Change

The USPS needs to know where to bring your mail. Filing your address change as soon as you have a new address is very helpful. You want to make sure you file your address change form as soon as possible. It will also be necessary to change the address on your driver’s license and update your voter registration.

4. Test the Smoke Detectors

You don’t want to take the chance of living in a house without working smoke detectors. Make sure you take the time to test them and, if necessary, change them out.

5. Get the HVAC System Inspected

Having your HVAC system inspected will ensure you have heat in the cooler months and air conditioning in the warmer months. Getting a technician to come out will help to give you an idea of what’s going on with your system.

Along with these five things, you should review the HOA rules, if you bought a home in an HOA neighborhood. These tasks will ensure you can get settled in faster and correctly.

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