What to Fix and What to Leave for the New Owners

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After you’ve sold your home, you may not move out right away. It may be a week, 30 days or even 90 days before you move out and the new owner moves in.

During this time, you may be wondering what you should fix and what you should leave for the new owners. Most of the things you are obligated to fix will be spelled out in the purchase agreements and other documents you signed when closing on the home. However, there are some things you should consider fixing before the new owners move in.

Anything Broken After the Home Sold

Even if a simple little towel rack was pulled out of the wall fix it. If you bought the house and were moving in, something small could become rather annoying very fast. Think about the new owner and how they would feel if they moved in and a couple of small things were not fixed.

If you broke it before moving out or during the process, fix it. This includes light fixtures, hand-towel racks and anything else you may have broken after selling, but before moving out.

Remove Dead Plants

Unless it’s the middle of winter, it’s a good idea to remove dead plants. Pulling up to your new home, you probably don’t want to find a garden or flower bed filled with dead plants. It’s just something nice you can do for the new owners.

Anything You’re Obligated to Fix

Your purchase agreement will spell it out and if you’re obligated to fix it, you should fix it for the new owner. Nobody wants to deal with the headache of calling the seller of the home to get something fixed that should have already been handled.

In addition to fixing a the things you may have broken, removing dead plants and fixing anything you’re obligated to fix, there are a few other things you can do to help make the new owners feel welcome. Here are a few suggestions.

  • Clean the house – More than just “sweep clean”
  • Remove everything from the house not included in the sale
  • Be out of the house on time or early
  • Dispose of all your trash and don’t leave any behind
  • Don’t leave things behind because they didn’t fit into your moving truck
  • Mow the lawn
  • Leave the appliance manuals, if you have them
  • Leave brochures for local attractions, if you have them

After selling your home, make sure you take care of your obligations and go a step beyond. New homeowners moving in already have enough to deal with and sometimes, taking care of a little something extra is just enough to brighten their day.

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