What do You Need to Disclose When Selling Your Home in Mint Hill?

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MINT HILL, NC – When you enter the Mint Hill real estate market by listing your home, you need to be aware of some of the things you must disclose. One of the biggest issues you can run into is not just failing to disclose something, but also trying to cover it up.

With lawsuits alleging “failure to disclose” increasing, it’s important to know the disclosure laws for your area. Let’s look at some of the things you need to disclose with a house for sale in Mint Hill.

Any Issues with the Home

Of course, if the home needs repairs, of any kind, you want to disclose these repairs. It wouldn’t be smart to cover them up as a home inspection will likely catch the repairs, anyway.

Buyers have a right to know if something is wrong with the home and needs to be fixed. Disclose all repairs you know about to the buyer when selling your home.

Sewer Line Issues

If your sewer line has had many blockages and has needed rooter services multiple times, it’s important to disclose this issue. Even if it’s currently working property, you want to ensure buyers know what they are getting. Disclosing this information will help protect you from a lawsuit in the future.

Water Penetration and Drainage Issues

Some of the most common issues covered up by sellers include water damage and drainage issues. Anything that could cause structural damage should be disclosed.

Even though buyers will have a home inspection done, it’s not always easy to figure out if the water is penetrating into the home. As the owner of the home, if you’ve experienced water penetration during rain, it’s important to disclose this information.

Barking Dogs

Maybe your neighbors have dogs that never stop barking. While this is a nuisance and not a repair issue with the home, you should still disclose it. The last thing you need is a buyer disgruntled and ready to take you to court over the information you knew about.

It’s possible, if they knew the dogs barked at all hours of the day, they wouldn’t have bought your home.

The Cover-Up is Worse

While disclosing any information you have about your home is important, you should also make sure you’re not trying to cover anything up. Sometimes, sellers try to cover up a potential leak or even mold with paint. This can be a big issue and won’t help you if you’re taken to court over disclosure issues.

It’s best to hire a good real estate agent and reveal everything you know about the home. If you know about something and you don’t disclose it, you could end up with bigger issues down the road.

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