Top Things To Do When Buying A Flipped House

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MINT HILL, NC – Flipped homes can look beautiful and can be rather desirable. However, there are some things that can be hidden and you might just miss them. Looks can certainly be deceiving and there are a few things you always want to do when buying a home a developer is flipping.

Hire a Top Home Inspector

Inspectors are not all the same and some won’t get as deep into the home as others. You need an inspector that will give the home a thorough look and will test all the systems properly. Without a good inspector, many things can get missed and you might end up buying a nightmare of a home instead of your dream home.

Check the licensing and references of the inspector before you hire them. Make sure they are going to look at the HVAC system, electrical, roofing, plumbing, and other important areas of the home thoroughly. If you’re buying a historic home, look for an inspector with experience working on historic renovations.

Get a List of All the Updates and Renovations

If you know the home is a flipped home, request a list of all the updates and renovations. This will help you to know what they did and it can help answer questions about the home. Don’t be afraid to ask a million questions of the listing agent. You need to know what you are buying and what has been done to the home.

Pull the Permits

After you have a list of the updates and renovations that have been done, pull the permits and compare them to the work that was done. This will tell you a lot about what has actually been done correctly and what may have not been done right. You can usually get the permits from the building department and they are public records.

Research the Developer

It’s also important to know if you’re buying a flipped home from a seasoned developer or an amateur flipper. This is important information as flipping houses isn’t easy and some developers are certainly better than others.

Check the Contractors that Worked on the Home

Another thing you want to do when buying a flipped home is to check the contractors that worked on the home. Make sure they have a good reputation and they are still in business. You can use websites, such as the Better Business Bureau to check for complaints and red flags.

There are many things to be aware of when buying a flipped home. Some home developers’ flips are amazing and they work with contractors that do quality work. Others may look amazing, but they have a variety of problems you cannot see.

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