Top mistakes first time sellers make

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When you’re going through the process of selling a home for the very first time, it can be both scary and exciting. As a first-time seller, you should be aware of some of the most common mistakes you want to avoid making.

Not Getting a Home Inspection

Yes, when a buyer puts in an offer they will get an inspection, but you, as the seller, should have already done this. You should know what to expect before the buyer orders a home inspection. Getting a home inspection before you list your home will only cost a few hundred dollars, but it could save you thousands when you sell.

Once you have a home inspection done, you will be able to decide how to move forward. Some minor repairs could go a long way and help to eliminate bargaining chips once the buyer gets an inspection done. If they get the advantage of negotiating for a repair, it will always be at the higher end of the cost range, while you could have already completed the repair for less. If you don’t think your whole house needs to be pre-inspected, contact me and I will email you a pre-inspection check-list you can use!

Not Staging the Home

Staging can go a very long way when selling your home. First-time sellers often think just cleaning the home is enough to impress potential buyers. However, buyers are looking at a number of homes and many of them will be staged. Without home staging, you may struggle to get the interest you need to sell your home for the right price.

Selling Without an Agent

Hiring a real estate agent to help you sell your home may cost you a commission, but it’s often well worth the money spent. This is one corner sellers try to cut to save money, but it usually ends up costing time and money in the end. Selling your home on your own, especially as a first-time seller, means it will likely be on the market longer and will sell for a lower price.

An experienced real estate agent understands the laws of the transaction, how to negotiate and the marketing necessary to get your home sold. If you want to sell your home for the right price and without waiting months for an offer, hire a good real estate agent to help you along the way.

As a first-time home seller, you’re likely to make mistakes. It’s your first time going through the selling process, after all. However, when you hire the right agent and you get a home inspection done, you’ll be better prepared to sell your home for a fair price and fast.

I would love to be part of your journey when the time is right for you. If you ever have a real estate question or need, or know someone who does, trust that you can turn to me 704-650-5707 |

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