Top home staging mistakes you don’t even know you are making

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Staging is a vital part of getting your home ready to be sold. When an open house or showing happens, a staged home allows the potential buyers to see themselves living in the home. However, there are some staging mistakes you may be making and you don’t even know it.

Not Handling the Smell

While the home may look great, it could smell like ten dogs live with you. Pet owners often don’t notice the smell of their own pets, but those without pets will notice. In addition, if there are other odors in your home you’ve grown accustomed to, you may be showing off a stinky home without even knowing it.

Make sure you have professional cleaning done to ensure all smells are removed from the home. Track down the sources and take care of it. A smelly home makes it hard for a potential buyer to think about anything else while looking at your home.


When staging, one of the first things you need to do is remove clutter. The problem is, many home sellers don’t define clutter properly. It’s not just stacks of magazines or knick knacks found everywhere.

Clutter includes personal items and anything that doesn’t help sell the lifestyle of your home. Make sure you remove all clutter, including personal items to make the home more appealing.

Hiding the Mess

Sure, closets are great for hiding your mess when you have guests over, but potential homebuyers are not over for a dinner party. They are in your home to thoroughly check it out, which means opening doors to closets and other spaces. You cannot expect a hidden mess to remain hidden.

Whether it’s dirt and grime found in the corners or it’s clutter you’ve put in the closet, potential buyers will find the mess. Make sure your home is mess-free before showings and open houses.

Closed Doors

When you stage your home for a showing, it may seem natural to close certain doors. This is a mistake. Make sure you open all the doors and allow people to move freely throughout the home. Even a closet door that’s cracked open is far more inviting than a closed door.

Along with these fur staging mistakes, many home sellers forget the front and back yards of their home. Make sure the yards are clean, well-manicured and presentable. If you plan to sell your home this year, use these staging tips to ensure you don’t make the most common staging mistakes.

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