Top Home Selling Tips From 2022 To Take into 2023

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MINT HILL, NC – Maybe you were like many sellers in 2022 and you got a bit spooked by the way the market changed. You wanted to list your home for sale, but that also meant becoming a buyer, which wasn’t very welcoming at the beginning of the year. As 2022 progressed, things changed quite a bit and you might have gotten scared off by the lingering properties and the price reductions.

Of course, there’s also a strong possibility you simply didn’t want to give up your low mortgage rate knowing you’d have to buy after you sell. No matter the reason why you didn’t list your home for sale in 2022, there is a new year coming and 2023 might be your year.

Before you decide to list your home for sale in 2023, it’s smart to look at some of the top home selling tips from 2022 that you can actually take with you into 2023. With these tips, you might be in better shape when it does become time to sell your home in Mint Hill, NC.

Don’t Forget About Where You Will Live if You Sell

When you decide to sell your home, it becomes not only a financial deal but also a very emotional time, especially if you’ve lived in your home for many years. You might get caught up in the ups and downs of the market and try to figure everything out.

Sure, you want to get top dollar when selling your home, but don’t forget, you still need a place to live. Make sure you understand what you will need to do if you plan to buy a home, after or during the sales process of your current home.

Take Your Agent’s Advice

You need a good Mint Hill real estate agent if you plan to sell your home in 2023. Then, you need to listen to what they have to say. If you go through the process of hiring a good agent, make sure you take their advice.

They can help advise you on any repairs you should do and what you shouldn’t do. With the help of a good real estate agent, you can better prepare your home to be sold.

Your agent can also make sure you set the list price at the perfect level. Not too high that it scares off buyers and not too low making buyers think something is wrong with the property. Trust your expert agent to help ensure you get the right list price for your home.

Consider Staging

Sure, you have friends and family that sold their homes in the blink of an eye without doing a thing to it in late 2021 and early 2022. Those days are gone and it’s time to get back to the reality of preparing your property for sale.

Staging is a great way to make sure you show off your home in the best possible way. When you stage your home for sale in Mint Hill, NC, it will show up during open houses, showings, and the online listing pictures. You could even look into virtual staging which can save a lot of money but still improve the viewing experience of buyers – especially online, where over 95% of all buyers start when looking for a new home.

There are many selling tips from 2022 that simply won’t apply in the changing real estate market as we go into 2023. These are three tips you can take with you to make selling your home in the new year easier.

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