Top 4 Tips for Setting Your Listing Price

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MINT HILL, NC – There’s no doubt, the listing price of your home is incredibly important. If it’s not just right, you might not get the offers you want. Worse yet, the listing price might be the reason your home doesn’t sell.

When you’re dealing with a home for sale in Mint Hill, NC, you have to get the listing price right. Let’s look at four of the best tips you can use to set a good listing price.

1. Look at Local Trends

It doesn’t do you much good to set your list price based on the trends in Chicago if you’re entering the Mint Hill real estate market. These are two very different markets, with very different trends. You want to pay close attention to local and regional trends when putting your home on the market.

2. Consider Your Location

Of course, we all know real estate is about location. It has been repeated for years, location, location, location. Make sure you consider the location when setting the price of your home.

Sometimes, the location will allow you to set the price higher, while other times it has to be lower. For example, a home on a busy street might not offer as much value to buyers as one in a quiet neighborhood.

3. Consider the Season

Your list price should also reflect the season of the year. Spring and summer are consistently the heaviest seasons for buyer activity, while fall and winter are the slowest. This may also depend on your market, as some markets are very slow in the winter and others just slow down a bit. This year the season does not seem to have a huge impact on sales. The market is exceptionally strong for sellers despite the time of year due to low supply and strong demand.

4. Always Use Comparable Homes

Real estate agents refer to these as comps, which are homes that have sold in a similar location to the home you are listing. Using comps can help you get a better sense of the value of the home you are selling. It’s important to compare the layout, property age, location, school district, and condition to ensure you have a true comp before setting your listing price.

The best way to ensure you get a great listing price is to hire and trust the right real estate agent. With a great local agent, you will get the right price to attract buyers and get your home sold fast, for the fair market value –  and maybe even more!

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